What Are True Photographic Prints?

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Our true photographic prints pay homage to traditional darkroom printing, creating a print that can last 200+ years!

Photographic prints are different from inkjet or “giclée” prints where ink is sprayed onto paper. The result is a difference you need to see and feel to believe. Our premium photographic paper selections won’t trap oil or dirt (unlike their inkjet counterparts) and their anti-fade properties mean your prints will stand the test of time for generations to come.

Whether you order at time of processing or after you see your scans, one thing is for certain—your images have never looked this good.

Deep Matte, Supreme Lustre, Pearl

Fuji Supreme Lustre (Standard)

The perfect print surface for any image. Fingerprint resistant with minimal glare and rich colors that bring your images to life, this photo paper is perfect for every occasion at any size. Our premium lustre paper is rarely used by other labs due to its higher cost, and comes with a luscious thickness that makes a perfect handheld print. When in doubt, choose lustre.

Fuji Pearl (Metal-like)

Printing a highly detailed landscape image? Choose Pearl. The pearl-like mica crystals which coat the paper create a metallic appearance that lend an intense brightness, depth, and warmth. With a deep black point, vibrant color palette, and ultra high resolution, Fuji Pearl Essence will make your landscape images shine. Literally.

Fuji Deep Matte

Matte paper with a velvet-smooth finish, subdued black point, and muted vibrancy. This glare-free paper surface results in reduced contrast as less light reflects from the paper. Ideal behind glass or in situations where there is overhead lighting. Fingerprints become invisible on the scratch resistant surface, making it a fine choice for handheld prints when a softened look is desired.

Bordered Prints

Give your prints a gallery-like aesthetic with white borders. Available in small (1/4”), medium (3/8”) and large (1/2”).

Shown on our standard paper: Supreme Lustre