Service Time Estimates

Service times start the first business day after your film arrives. They are given as good faith estimates and are dependent on the volume of work coming in and current staffing.

Unless a rush is purchased, service time estimates are subject to change.

Changes in service times often affect all non-rush orders currently in the lab.

Photographic Prints

Business Days

Everyday Develop + Scan

Business Days

Signature Develop + Scan

Business Days

Need A Rush?

Rush options (starting the first business day after your film arrives) for Signature Process + Scan will display at checkout.

Why Service Times Fluctuate

Our service times depend on the amount of incoming film. Higher volumes of film mean extended service times. It also means that our beautiful scans and top-notch prints may require a bit more patience and planning during the busy seasons of the year – particularly September through early December.

Rest assured, we offer 2-day and 3-day rushes! Rush options for Signature Develop + Scan services display at checkout to ensure a guaranteed delivery date for those who need it.

Rushes are not available for Everyday 35mm services. Keep in mind, this service has its own workflow in the lab and typically has a faster service time than our Signature services.

Interested in learning more about the math behind our service times? Read about our rush policies here.

Quality Comes First

Excellent scans require a well rested mind and body. The human eye can only perceive tiny shifts in color for so long before it starts to lose acuity. (If you’ve ever done a marathon editing session, then looked at your edits the next day and thought, “what was I doing?” then you’ve felt this!) It’s our assumption that you don’t want somebody editing your work with burned-out color vision.

We prioritize the mental health and work-life balance of our team, which means we don’t ask them to work nights or weekends when we receive more incoming film. The result? An engaged and thriving workplace with little turnover! Excluding the Wood Family (the PhotoVision business owners), our employees have an average of 13 years of photo finishing experience per person.

After countless Zoom calls with our customers, one thing is abundantly clear: you want your work to look the best it can. This is one reason we don’t offer quick, “hands-off” products like auto scans. Instead, we have humans at every step of the process—for each service offered.

It’s simple: we’re just not comfortable doing less than our best.