Returns & Refunds

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Updated on April 6, 2023


New Film Purchases

Any new film purchases which have not been shipped are eligible for cancellation and a full refund. Once the film has been shipped, the sale is final.

Film Lost in the Mail

A refund is available for all film processing related items for any order which does not arrive at our facilities within a reasonable period of time. If you feel that your order has been lost in the mail, please contact us.

Film Damaged in Processing

We automatically refund for any roll of film which has been damaged in processing beyond the normally expected range of defects, including but not limited to: drips, chemical splatters, roll-identifiers (twin-checks) obstructing images, uneven processing, agitation markings, under-development or over-development due to changes in chemical activity and/or temperature.

Film Damaged in Processing Due to Operator Error

Film damaged in processing, due to operator error will be refunded and replacement film of a similar ISO sensitivity and process type provided along with a nontransferable in-lab credit for the original order price.

Blank Rolls

We automatically refund any roll which is processed and found to be blank.

Film Scanning

In a subjective, artistically driven process such as film scanning, it is inevitable that our interpretation will occasionally not align with yours. In this situation we ask that we be contacted to better understand what we need to change and if it is possible for us to deliver what is being expected. If it is determined that we can produce to a reasonable degree what is expected, we reserve the right to re-process the order. If the end result is still unacceptable, we refund the order in full and ship your negatives to any desired location within the continental US.

All Other Situations

In the case of any other situations, we will refund any order, partially or in full, if there is no other agreeable solution.