How to Get Started

A young Asian woman holding a camera

1. Order Online

2. Bag + Box + Tape

  • Write your ORDER CODE, NAME, and PHONE NUMBER on a slip of paper.
  • Place it inside a plastic, zip-close bag with your film.
  • Place your bag inside a box and secure with all seams and closures with copious tape.
  • Do NOT use a mailer/envelope or rely solely on a box’s built-in sticker seals! We’ve seen both fail regularly.

3. Get a Tracking Number

  • Ship to:
    Attn: Film Crew
    3775 Market St NE
    Salem OR 97301
  • Get a TRACKING NUMBER! It has been the deciding factor in locating lost film.

4. Film Arrives

  • Once your film arrives, you’ll receive an email letting you know your status changed to Processing.
  • Check our film service times that day so you know when you might receive your scans!

5. Send Reference Images

6. Happy Scan Day!

  • Your scans will be delivered via and we’ll send you an email when they’re ready. No account is needed.

7. Give / Get Feedback

8. Get Prints

  • If your order includes prints, they’ll ship within 1–2 business days (or 2 weeks if you chose 2 week negative return).
  • Didn’t order proof prints? You can order prints anytime here!

9. Negative Return

  • Depending what you chose, your negatives will either ship 2 weeks after your scans are completed or be held in-lab until you have enough negatives to fill a flat rate box. Alternatively, you can choose to have your negatives destroyed at no charge.