Getting Started with PhotoVision

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We’re a third generation, family-owned film lab who has been taking care of photographers since 1968. We’d love to work with you, too!

We know sending your first roll to a film lab can be . . . a little scary. But it doesn't have to be! Here’s what you need to know when you send us your first batch of film:

1. Check our current film service times before you place your order.

2. Place your order online. You’ll receive an Order Code after checkout.

3. Write your Order Code, name and phone number on a slip of paper.

4. Place your paper and your film inside a plastic zip-close bag.

5. Place your bag inside a box and secure with lots o’ tape.

6. Send it in via your favorite courier and get a tracking number (for real).

Attn: Film Crew
3775 Market St NE
Salem OR 97301

7. Once your film arrives, you’ll receive an email letting you know your film status changed to Processing. Check our film service times that day so you know when you might see your scans.

8. Happy Scan Day! Once your film scans are complete, you’ll receive an email to view and download your images via (no Box account is needed).

9. If you choose proof prints and/or to have your negatives returned, we’ll ship them two weeks after your scans are uploaded.

10. Enjoy your beautiful scans and prints! And don’t forget to stock up on film for your next shoot. (We have the best prices in the biz.)

How can I ensure my scans look how I want?

Beautiful scans start in camera. Remember: good light and proper exposure lay the best foundation for scans that draw close to your vision. Here’s how to help us understand your aesthetic once your film arrives in lab:

For our Signature Process + Scan, be sure to submit Preference Images that showcase the skintones, density, saturation and contrast you are striving for in your work. There is never a charge to do so. Choose images where your subjects fill the majority of the frame and include the environments you shoot in most often.

Sending in Everyday 35mm? Our expert color techs got you—they’ll scan using a neutral, in-lab reference so your images look their very best.

Have a particular color you need matched for Signature Process + Scan? Send us a digital snap (phone shots work great!) of the dress, flatlay, flowers, etc. so we know what to scan for. This is called an Order-Specific Reference and can be uploaded when you order online.

What should I do after I see my scans?

Study Your Exposure Reference Sheets

Our Exposure Reference Sheets are included for every Signature Process + Scan order and allow you to view your negatives as you go through your scans. These sheets are the ultimate feedback waiting for you in your inbox.⁠


We are here to help every step of the way. If you ever have questions or concerns about shooting film or how your scans turned out, please don’t hesitate to reach out! ⁠Call 503-588-3686 or email


Have a quick query? We may have answered it in our common questions. Want to learn more about film photography? Check out our full library of Film Tips!

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