Sending Film

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How to Send Film

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Bag + Box + Tape

Do not use a mailer/envelope or rely solely on a box’s built-in sticker seals. We’ve seen both fail regularly!

Get a Tracking Number

Ship To:

Attn: Film Crew
3775 Market St NE
Salem OR 97301

Get a tracking number when you ship the film. It has been the deciding factor in locating lost packages.

Film Arrives

Once your film arrives, you’ll receive an email letting you know your status changed to Processing.

Check our film service times that day so you know when you might receive your scans!

Send Reference Images

To submit your reference images, you can upload them here: Submit Reference Images

If you’re not sure how to use or select reference images, you can learn more about them here.

Happy Scan Day!

Your scans will be delivered via and we’ll send you an email when they’re ready. No account is needed.

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Get Prints

If your order includes prints, they’ll ship within 1–2 business days (or 2 weeks if you chose 2-week negative return).

Didn’t order proof prints? You can order prints anytime here!

Negative Return

Depending on your negative return selection during the checkout process, your negatives will either:

Alternatively, you can choose to have your negatives destroyed at no charge.