Camera Manuals

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Knowing your craft means knowing your gear. And what better way to truly know your gear than by reading your camera’s manual? We know this tip may seem a bit obvious, but here’s the thing—you can learn a lot from your manual!

Do you know how to ensure your bracketing mode is turned off? Or how to take double exposures?

Most of us film photographers shoot on cameras that were made 20+ years ago, meaning original manuals are hard to come by.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Click through to purchase and/or download your camera’s manual to your computer and/or mobile device, so you can have it in your back pocket at all times!

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Pentax 645 (Kim Coxon)

Pentax 645N (Kim Coxon)

Pentax 645Nii (Ricoh Imaging)

Pentax 67 (Mike Butkus, NJ)

Pentax 67ii (Ricoh Imaging)

Contax 645 (Mike Butkus, NJ)

Mamiya 645 (Mike Butkus, NJ)