Submit Reference Images

Reference images are what we use to draw close to your vision while scanning. They are 3-5 cohesive images that illustrate the skin tones, contrast, density and saturation you're striving for in your work. They can be from your own portfolio or from someone who inspires you.

Example Reference Images

Tips for Choosing Reference Images

  • Choose images where your subjects are facing the camera and fill the majority of the frame.
  • Include the environments you shoot in most often.
  • Wedding photographer? Include a flat lay or tablescape.
  • Landscape photographer? Include a few landscape images in addition to at least one image with skin tones.
  • Black and white shooter? Include a B+W image.

Keep in Mind:

  • We always scan with skin tones as priority unless told otherwise.
  • Use order-specific references at checkout when you need us to match the color of a specific design element (a dress, invitation, etc.) phone shots work great!
  • If you’re sending Everyday 35mm, no reference images are needed. We'll scan using our best judgment so your images shine.