Exposure Reference Sheets

An Assortment of 35mm Prints

Closing the Gap Between Exposures and Scans.

Your negatives are your road map to understanding the relationship between your exposures and your scans.

What are Exposure Reference Sheets?

Exposure Reference Sheets are included with every roll of Signature Process + Scan. They provide a thumbnail of each frame, allowing you to clearly and easily see how you exposed your film, and they clue you in on any camera or film issues. Think of them like a digital contact sheet!

How to Read Your Exposure Reference Sheets

Exposure Reference Sheet Guide

First, download our Exposure Reference Sheet Guide (currently available for Portra400). Open it up alongside one of your Exposure Reference Sheets.

Now, look at the density of each frame in your Exposure Reference Sheet and compare it to the guide. Try to find which frame (-1, Box Speed, +1, etc.) it matches best. This is your general exposure.

Exposure Reference Sheet of work by Emily Sweet Exposure Reference Sheet of work by Olivia Hatfield

Next, look at the consistency of your exposures from frame-to-frame. Do all the frames appear to be the same relative density, as they do in the 120 and 35mm above? If so, great! This means your exposures are consistent—and consistent exposures help you receive consistent scans!

To help you further understand your exposures, refer to the exposure data, if your medium format camera imprints it:

Exposure Data Imprint Chart

Exposure Reference Sheets are the ultimate feedback photographers love!