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Howard and Brian Wood

We’re not your ordinary film lab, we’re PhotoVision.

The year was 1968 . . .

The No. 1 song on the radio was "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, Lyndon B. Johnson was our President, the first manned spacecraft orbited the moon and we, PhotoVision, opened our doors in Salem, Oregon as custom photo services!

Our goal from the beginning was to become *the* professional film processor with the quickest turnaround times at the highest quality. Today, we are proud to continue this legacy worldwide, with the 3rd generation of the Wood family. From our humble beginnings as a small-town camera shop, to becoming the worlds premier film lab, one thing has remained the same . . . always do what's right. Our 52-year commitment to helping all film photographers achieve their goals is bar none in the industry. Join us. Our vision is to help you reach yours.

Our family dynamic doesn’t stop at the door.

Founded by a family, run by a family, treats you like family. We are a close-knit lab who cares about the challenges photographers face. Whether it’s your 1st roll or your 1,000th, we bring our wisdom + expertise to every photographer no matter the number of rolls that has gone through your camera we want you to succeed—and we're here to help however we can.

We chase innovation.

Since 1968 with our custom made vacuum easle systems for darkroom printing, to revolutionary software that streamlines workflows. Today we are excited to set industry standards once again with our signature Exposure Reference Sheets, color check software and developing our very own PV film scanner! All of our software + technology is built in-lab and is second to none. Our technology is designed by photographers for photographers. Everything we do is to make your life as a photographer better—so you can spend less time behind your computer and more time doing what you love!

Raising the original Custom Photo Service sign.

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