Your Film Developing Experts

Donna Wood, the founder of PhotoVision, smiling while sitting at a desk that's covered in business documents

Taking Care of Photographers Since 1968.

PhotoVision was founded by Donna and Howard Wood on November 1, 1968, right here in Salem, Oregon.

Howard Wood and Brian Wood smiling, standing in a room full of film development supplies

Three Generations of Photo Finishers

Today, we are proud to continue Donna's legacy of quality and service with the third generation of the Wood Family!

A person carefully hanging a strip of film on a rack

Devoted to Our Craft

With over 400 years of combined photographic experience, there's a reason we're your film developing experts. Our small but seasoned team has one goal: to make your life easier.

"What has made us most proud over the years is the number of lives we’ve made better."

-Brian Wood, Second Generation Photo Finisher

"If we make your life easier because of your interaction with us here, we’re doing our job."

-Stephen Wood, Third Generation Photo Finisher