Everyday 35mm
Your everyday moments—on film and in print.
A single roll of film casting a shadow on a white background

Your everyday moments. Printed and held in your hands.

Everyday 35mm is our newest service, one that harkens back to how analog photography was designed to be. It’s 35mm process + scan + print for only $18/roll. (And $2 shipping.)

Everyday 35mm is for Everyday Life

It’s for hangouts with friends, vacations with kiddos, mornings at home and holidays with family. It’s for poignant milestones *and* the beautiful mundane. But most importantly . . .

Everyday 35mm is for Everyone

Whether you’re a first-time film shooter or a professional, your film will be processed with the utmost care and scanned by hand so your images look their very best.

What photographers are saying about Everyday 35mm:

“Same great service, same great lab—just simplified for home / non-professional use. What’s not to love?!” — Christina Frary (Matthew David Studio)

“I will definitely be using this service again in the future." — Matoli Keely

"Everyday 35mm is a great habit to keep you printing your photos. Get prints. Get some awesome scans. All for a great price. I highly recommend it." — Brian D Smith

How is Everyday 35mm different from our Signature Service?

Our Signature Service is designed for professional events and includes scanner choice, custom reference images and a second color check.

Signature Process + Scan Everyday 35mm
Film Size 120 or 35mm 35mm only
Scanner choice? Noritsu or Frontier N/A
Reference images? Custom reference images and order-specific references Neutral, in-lab reference and expert color tech’s best judgment
Second color check? Yes No
Quality control check? Yes Yes
Max Print Size? Up to 20×30” (Normal Scans)
24×36”+ (Large Scans)
Proof prints? $4/roll Included at no charge (4×6” with ¼” white borders)
Negative return? Shipping price varies $2 shipping for prints and negatives (US only)
Online ordering? Yes Yes
High happiness quotient? Always Always

Scans + Prints + Negatives Delivered

Everyday 35mm includes free 4×6" prints and the scans are large enough to make beautiful prints up to 12×18.” Scans will be delivered to you via Box.com, an online file sharing service, and your prints and negatives are shipped back to you for only $2.⁠

How to Order:

  1. Check our current film service times before you place your order.
  2. Place your order online. You’ll receive an Order Code after checkout.
  3. Write your Order Code, name and phone number on a slip of paper.
  4. Place your paper and your film inside a plastic zip-close bag.
  5. Place your bag inside a box and secure with lots o’ tape.
  6. Send it in via your favorite courier and get a tracking number (for real).
    Attn: Film Crew
    3775 Market St NE
    Salem OR 97301
  7. Once your film arrives, you’ll receive an email letting you know your film status changed to Processing. Check our film service times that day so you know when you might see your scans.
  8. Happy Scan Day! Once your film scans are complete, you’ll receive an email to view and download your images via Box.com (no Box account is needed).
  9. We’ll ship your negatives and prints the business day after your scans are uploaded.
  10. Enjoy your beautiful scans and prints! And don’t forget to stock up on film for your next shoot. (We have the best prices in the biz.)

35mm Process + Scan + Print.


$2 shipping.

We can’t wait to see the beautiful everyday you capture! Tag @photovisionprints and #photovisioneveryday on IG for a chance to be featured.

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