Choosing Film in a Digital Era with Kendra Cates⁠

Why would you choose to shoot film in a digital era? We love Kendra Cates' why:⁠

Portrait of Film + Digital Wedding Photographer Kendra Cates. Film + Digital Wedding Photographer Kendra Cates

"Wait, so you shoot film? Like the rolls you have to load into a camera and then get developed? Why would you want to do that?"⁠

Someone asked me this question recently, and my short answer to them was, "Because it’s beautiful."⁠

The long answer to that question is this:⁠

Film forces me to slow down, to evaluate the light, to get it right the first time. There is no luxury of checking the back of the camera to make sure your settings are right, and if they’re not, you can always fix that with editing. Because with film, what you see is what you get.⁠

For me, this is why film is art. When you do get it right, the result is pure magic and digital images could never compare. There’s a soft, romantic element that digital photos just don’t have. The colors are true and the skin tones are always on point. Plus, when you get your images back from being developed and you get to see them for the first time, it’s the same feeling as Christmas morning! Who doesn’t love that?!⁠

Kendra Cates

Bride and groom portrait by Kendra Cates shot on film. Kendra Cates | Fujicolor PRO400H | Contax645 | Rated at 200 ISO and processed normal. | Frontier SP3000 | With @ranchovalencia @coutureevents⁠ @posies_floral_co @kg.hairandmakeup@twirlyshears⁠ @karaanne_paper⁠ @tbdsandiego⁠ @wednesdaycake⁠ @shel_couture @lindsaymariedesign⁠ @bellabelleshoes⁠ @misshayleypaige⁠ @friartux⁠ @mzsarahbella @rrodas80⁠ @fujifilm_profilm

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