What are Preference Images?

Want to know one thing you can do right now to help your scans match your vision? Send us preference images! It’s a simple step that makes a world of difference!

What are preference images?

They are 3-5 frames that exemplify your style in terms of:

  • Skin tones
  • Contrast
  • Density (e.g. brightness)
  • Saturation

We reference your preference images as we scan and color check your film scans, so each frame is individually matched to your aesthetic—making your editing in post a breeze and greatly reducing the time you have to spend behind a computer!

We never charge to use or update preference images.

We don't believe in charging you to make your art how you want.

How to choose preference images:

Preference images can be from anyone and anywhere.

When choosing your Preference images, choose images where your subject fills the majority of the frame. Skin tones are always scanned as priority (unless you tell us otherwise) so skin tones should be front and center.

Next, think of images that exemplify different shooting environments—direct sun, open shade, overcast, sunset. What are your most common shooting environments? Do you often shoot in lots of greenery? Or indoors? Maybe at the beach? Be sure to pick images that showcase your common shooting environments.

Finally, look over your entire set. Are they consistent in terms of skin tones, contrast, density (e.g. brightness) and saturation? Or are some cooler/warmer/darker/lighter than others? Could your images easily appear alongside each other in a magazine spread? Or would something look "off"? This is an easy way to check for consistency.

Portrait of a woman by Erich McVey on Fujicolor PRO400H film with a Contax645 in Corvallis, OR. With @dom

Unsure if your preference images are consistent?

We'd be happy to look them over and let you know our thoughts/suggestions!

Continue to communicate with us!

Did you style change? Then your preference images should change as well. As a photographer, your vision is bound to shift over time. Be sure to keep us in the loop and update your preference images when your aesthetic shifts, so we can continue to provide film scans as close to your vision as we can!

Ready to send or update preference images?

Email them to us at info@photovisionprints.com.

📷 All photos by Erich McVey.