What are Large Scans?

Resolution matters. That's why both our Normal and Large Scans are optically scanned, never upsized in Photoshop. Giving you enough pixels to work with (and print with) has always been important to us.

Our Normal Scans are the largest in the industry, but sometimes you need the printing and cropping freedom that only a Large Scan can offer.

Our Normal Scans make excellent 24×30" prints straightaway. But for those instances where a larger print (30×40"+) strikes your fancy, or you are in need of more cropping, Large Scans are the way to go!

How much can you crop a Large Scan? Let's take a look at Lauren Fair's image below:

Large Scan (original image)

Large Scan (cropped)

Lauren's Large Scan allows her to print as large as she pleases—or crop, if need be—to best fit her vision.

Large Scans are available for both Frontier and Noritsu Scans. Order now!