Tips for Shooting Your First Roll of Film

Ready to shoot your first roll of film? You got this! Follow these tips for the best results: ⁠

Film needs light.

Avoid underexposing your shadows. If you are shooting 400 speed film, give your film 1 stop of overexposure by rating it at 200 ISO. If you are shooting 800 speed film, rate it at 640 or 400 ISO. ⁠⁠

Use a handheld light meter.

We have found handheld meters provide the most accurate and consistent results. Learn how to meter.

Pay close attention to your lighting.

Film has a high exposure latitude and can capture lots of detail in both the shadows and highlights of a scene. But this is not a “fix-all.” Avoid harsh, contrast-y, blotchy lighting for the best image results. ⁠⁠Learn how to read light.

Avoid sun flare.

While sun flare can create a beautiful, warm look to your images, it also lends itself to lifted shadows, lack of contrast and a slightly orange tint. To help combat sun flare, use a lens hood or cup your hand around the lens on the side the sun is entering from. ⁠⁠Learn more about sun flare.

Send in Preference Images.

Preference images are 3–5 frames that best exemplify your style in terms of skin tones, density, contrast and saturation. We use preference images while scanning and color correcting your work to best match your vision!⁠ Learn more about Preference Images.

⁠Send your film to PhotoVision!

We want to help make your transition to film as easy as possible. Don’t hesitate to call 503-588-3686 or email if you ever have any questions! We look forward to being a part of your film journey and helping you grow as an artist. ⁠⁠