Service Times

The question on everybody’s mind: “Hey PhotoVision, why is your service time 2 weeks plus?”

The short answer: lots of people are shooting more film and volume is up. The longer answer? We won’t sacrifice quality for a quicker service time. You count on us to deliver the very best scans we can—scans that draw close to your vision and save you time in post. Quality scans like this take time. We put the same care into each and every scan year-round, so we can deliver scans that consistently match your vision time and time again. Because of this, we will never sacrifice quality for a quicker turnaround.

“But PhotoVision, can’t you just hire more staff or work longer hours?” Two words: COVID and color fatigue. From a purely logistical standpoint, our building is already at full capacity per Oregon COVID restrictions. We never want to risk the health of any of our staff. Building on this point, just as your color eyes and judgment grow weary during an all-night editing sesh, our eyes become tired after a full day of scanning. In order to continue giving you the highest quality scans we can, our eyes need a rest.

So why should you choose us if our service time is so long? What makes our scans “worth the wait?” Simple: we are Your Film Processing Experts and the lab you turn to When Quality Counts. Our scans, prints and customer service cannot be beat. But don’t just take our word for it:

“I truly appreciate all of the work the entire PV team does! It is always worth the wait to see the gorgeous scans for my clients. I don't say it enough, you guys rock!” Catherine Thelked

“What I value most (aside from the obvious care and trustworthy handling of images) is consistent service for every client, not just the high profile photogs.” Caileigh Langford

“I can honestly say that I have never felt like PhotoVision wasn't working their hardest to get me quality scans as quickly as was possible at the time! I also always feel valued as a customer and know that they go the extra step to give amazing feedback!” Sarah Carpenter