Service Times and How to See Your Film Scans Faster

When the busy season hits, roughly May to December, our service times tend to increase. Fear not, faithful photog! We have some easy ways you can help ensure your order moves through the lab as quickly as possible:

Number Your Rolls.

This is a simple step, but it makes a big difference. Numbering your rolls allows us to scan and upload your film chronologically. This means our expert color techs can see entire scenes at once, making your film quicker to scan and your scans more consistent and saving you time when it comes to editing!⁠

Number your rolls by using a Sharpie on the paper tab that wraps around your film (for 120) or on the outside of your canister (for 35mm). Or, you can use numbered sticky dots like these below:

If you choose to use numbered sticky dots, make sure to write these numbers with a line under them, so we know which is which. And write 1 as a straight line! That way we won’t confuse it as a 7.

Send Your Film Via Overnight or 2-day Mail.

The sooner your film arrives at our door, the sooner we can get your scans back to you!⁠

We Also Offer Rush Options!

During our busy season (roughly May–December), 2–5 day rush options for Signature Process and Scan will display at checkout. To request a rush from January–April, please email or call 503-588-3686. Rushes are not available for Everyday 35mm. Keep in mind, this service has its own workflow in the lab and typically has a faster service time than our Signature services.

Why Do Service Times Change?

Our service times (which you can always find here) depend solely on the amount of incoming film, and higher volumes of film mean extended service times. Rest assured, our legendary quality stays the same, regardless of season. But our beautiful scans and top-notch prints may require a bit more patience during this busy time.⁠ Want to learn more about the math behind our service times? Head to our policies page.