Own Your Superpower

Mylyn Wood shared some amazing advice we believe every photographer needs to hear. Mylyn is a wedding photographer, editing teacher and brand coach—and she’s here to spill the tea on owning your superpower (hint: it’s already within you!):⁠

"Can you guess what the #1 comment is that I hear from my clients?⁠

"'I feel like my work will never be like so and so . . .'

"To which I reply with one of the following:

"GOOD. You don't WANT to be like someone else. That's exhausting and unattainable.

"STOP. Seriously, STOP IT. You have something special and unique. Stop wasting your time being a clone.

"I'm serious, friends. I hear this almost every single week. From my coaching clients AND the clients I edit for.

"Please don't compare yourself to others. You are unique. The way you SEE things is unique. That is a skill NO ONE ELSE has. Don't throw that aside. That is your superpower. Learn to WIELD IT.

"You wouldn't compare Rembrandt to Van Gogh. One is not better than the other. They're both brilliant. But they SEE art in different ways. Two photographers can shoot the same subject and create completely different art from it.

"SO STOP IT. Stop comparing yourself to others. You'll never get there. You're NOT THEM. Instead, dig deep, learn what makes YOU unique, what makes YOU feel and what draws people into YOU. Everything else is just a waste of effort and time. So, yeah. Knock that shiz off." — Mylyn Wood

Photo of @mylynwoodphoto by @annapeter_s. Shot on Kodak Portra400 with a Canon EOS-1V at @tendue.co. With @kodakprofessional @kameaevents⁣ @wildflower_portland⁣ @vintagemeetsmodern.