How to Shoot a Self Portrait on Film.

Have you taken a self portrait with your film camera yet? Today is the day!⁠ @snjmoments shares how:⁠

"For years, my wife and I enjoyed traveling the world and taking self portraits of ourselves with our digital camera— and it was relatively easy because our camera was loaded with features that made it simple. So when we got into film, there was nothing more we wanted than for us to have a photograph together on film. Although we knew it would be more difficult than digital, our anniversary trip to the breathtaking Salt Flats in Utah was the impetus for us to take that challenge on!⁠

"Just like our digital self portraits, our tripod was an absolute necessity as it allowed us to have our camera stabilized in a frame we love without needing an additional person. But unlike our digital camera, our film camera (just like many others) does not have a remote trigger. So here’s exactly what we did to achieve a self portrait on film:⁠

"First, I had my wife stand in position and framed the camera exactly how I wanted it in a location with great light. Then, I focused on her face, opting for a large depth of field at f/8 so we could ensure focus on us and the beautiful scenery. I then set the self timer mode, which delayed the shutter release 12 seconds after the shutter was pressed. Then, I took a run for it and set myself in position on the same focal plane as my wife and smiled!⁠

"Voilà! It was that easy (and you get a nice workout in as well)! Often times, as photographers, we get into the habit of photographing our clients that we forget to capture our very own memories. So next time you’re out with your family, take on this challenge! Pull out your film camera and try this trick. You won’t regret it!"

Nephy and Santhosh Joseph⁠

@snjmoments / Portra400 / Pentax645 / Frontier SP3000