How to See Your Film Scans Sooner

As the busy season ramps up, we expect our service times to increase. Our service times depend solely on the amount of incoming film—higher volumes of film result in extended service times. Rest assured, our legendary quality stays the same. But our beautiful scans and top-notch prints may require a bit more patience during this busy season.⁠

Here are our top tips to ensure your order moves through the lab quickly:

Number your rolls

When film is scanned chronologically, our expert color techs see entire scenes at once making your film quicker to scan + your scans more consistent!⁠

Use our online ordering system!

You can order your favorite film process + scan services directly from your computer or smartphone!⁠ Online ordering is quick and simple! It also saves us time at write-up ensuring your film moves quickly through the lab!

Send your film overnight or 2-day shipping through FedEx

The sooner your film arrives, the sooner we can get your scans back to you!⁠

What if our service time exceeds your urgent time frame?

We are pleased to offer rush options.⁠

⁠Thank you for hanging in there with us + trusting us with your film!⁠

xo, Your PhotoVision Team⁠

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