How to Read your Exposure Reference Sheets

When shooting film, your negatives are your road map to understanding the relationship between your exposures and your scan results. Our goal? To provide a tool to help you better understand why you got the scans you did and how you might shoot differently (or the same) in the future to get different (or similar) results.

After your film is processed, we immediately create an Exposure Reference Sheet for each roll. Exposure Reference Sheets provide a thumbnail of each frame, allowing you to clearly and easily see how you exposed your film. You no longer have to wait 2+ weeks to study your negatives—all the feedback you need is waiting for you in your inbox.

Exposure Reference Sheets show a variety of information from exposures to camera issues. The exposure of each frame can be seen in the level of density (similar to how you would view your digital images):

⬛ Frames that appear dark represent underexposure
⬜ Frames that appear light represent overexposure

To help you further understand your exposures, refer to the exposure data (if your camera imprints it).

The next thing to look for is any camera issues, advancement issues, light leaks, etc.

Learn from your shooting and be aware of any camera issues before your next shoot by utilizing your Exposure Reference Sheets.

Download our Exposure Reference Sheet guide for Portra400 here!

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