How to Level Up with Prints

Sending prints to your clients may sound like a small gesture, but this simple step might be just the thing to help your work shine and escalate your business to the next level!

3 Ways to Up Your Game With Prints!

✅ Include them in your packages. ⁠⁠

Show your clients you will take care of them from start to finish by giving them more than just a digital file—give them a set of beautiful prints that are ready to be displayed.

✅ ⁠⁠Send your clients a surprise set of prints from their special day.

⁠⁠I mean, who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the mail? Especially when you aren’t expecting it! ⁠⁠

✅ Keeping your product—and your art—consistent:

Be in full control of your clients’ print quality by having them made by the same amazing team who scans your film.

Learn how some of today’s industry leaders level up with prints!

The Power of Print: Erich McVey

Why do you print your work?

“I print my work because it's the truest way to view and enjoy my images, and continually check in with myself and evaluate my progress as a photographer. Screens may display images inaccurately as too warm or cool, too bright or dark, and so on. Prints don't lie. In the past, I've had computer screens shift in color and brightness over time, which I found out about only by comparing my screen to my prints.”

Why do you choose to provide prints to your clients?

“As a film shooter, it's no secret that I'm a fan of the tangible. I want my clients to see and experience their photos in the purest form. Additionally, I want to end their experience on a high note, and simply sending a gallery link can feel a bit lackluster or anticlimactic.”

How do you send prints to your clients?

“I send each of my clients a full set of white bordered prints in a Make & Stow box, and couples are consistently blown away by this thoughtful, substantial product. In 2019, when most people see imagery exclusively on screen, it's rare to experience images in such a tactile and tangible form. Digging through a box full of prints truly makes the photo viewing experience, just that—an experience.”

What is the value of a print?

“Printing images gives them the best chance to live on for years or generations. Technology changes, hard drives and phones can fail, get lost or become obsolete. By continuing to print my images for myself and my clients, I'm helping to ensure they'll live on.”

The Power of Print: Ashley Sawtelle

Why do you print your work?

“There is nothing like holding a print in hand and sharing a story about the photograph with someone. It's a beautiful way to step back into a moment.”

Why do you choose to provide prints to your clients?

“I wanted to remove the step of ordering prints for my clients so they could enjoy looking back on their wedding day through photographs in hand, not on a screen. It's an experience to give your clients—pour a glass of wine, cozy up on the couch, pass photographs to one another and relive some of their favorite moments together.

Do you receive feedback from your clients regarding their prints?

“Some of the feedback I receive is how they didn't think they would need the prints but after receiving them they couldn't imagine not having them!”

How do you send prints to your clients?

“I place client prints in a Make & Stow box for safekeeping. It's a great heirloom piece for clients.”

What is the value of a print?

“Prints provide a piece of history to future generations. It's a time capsule—how the photograph ages, who is in the photo and the story behind it. And while it's great to have cloud storage as backup, nothing will replace having prints in hand. I have a portrait of my great grandparents’ wedding day portrait in my office as a reminder of what I do for a living. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than providing prints to my clients and knowing that one day a grandchild will hold and look at this photograph.”

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