How to Fill out Your Order Form

We get it—filling out a film lab’s order form for the first time can be a bit . . . intimidating. Don’t let fear hold you back from sending in your film! Follow this step-by-step guide and fill out your order form like a pro!

  • Name: We’re glad you’re here! 😊 What name shall we bill and ship to?

  • Phone Number: So we can reach you by phone for quick communication.

  • Email: Where do you want your invoices and scans sent to?

  • Address: Where can we ship back your negatives and/or prints to? This is also the address we’ll use to bill your card, unless you tell us otherwise.

  • Order Priority: If our current service time exceeds your urgent time frame, request a rush here. You can find our service times here.

  • Scanner: Let us know which scanner you would like your film scanned on and at what size.

  • Film Ship Back: Would you like us to ship your film back in two weeks? Hold them till you fill a 2” flat rate box? Or destroy them?

  • Proof Prints: This set of prints is made directly from your scans and shows you just how good your work already is before you make any edits in post! If you don’t need proof prints, please leave this section blank.

  • Give Your Order a Name: When your scans are uploaded to (the online file sharing system we use to deliver your scans), they will be titled with your order’s name to help you keep your scans organized.

  • Chart: Let us know how many rolls of each film size you’re sending, whether they’re C-41 Color or Black + White, and if there are any that need to be push/pull processed. (Confused about push/pull processing? Give us a call before you choose this option. We’re happy to help! (503) 588-3686)

  • Special Instructions: This is a great place to communicate with us. Let us know if you sent order-specific references, have a different billing address or what you rated your Delta 3200 at. OR tell us your best dad joke! 😉

  • Card Information: Please fill this out if you are a new client or need to update your card on file.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!

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