Families on Film.

Kelsey Sjostrom of Feather and Twine Photography is here to share her top tips for photographing families on film!

"Photographing families is an interesting balance. You have to pose them in a way that you can get images with everyone in sync. I usually start with something more posed, a little heavier in direction. Once I know I have the more traditional shot of everyone looking at me, I don't chase it anymore. I move into loose directions geared more toward the best positioning for the lighting or directions I know will produce candids. ⁠

"I also love giving the kids prompts of things to do ('Give mom a bunch of kisses!', 'Tickle your parents!', 'Let's have a dance party!') or asking them questions ('What's your favorite thing about your mom/sister/dad/brother?') because you never know what they're going to end up doing/saying, and it almost always produces laughs from everyone.⁣⁠

"It's so clear that these little girls love their dad. What started as a more traditional everyone-looking-at-the-camera pose quickly transitioned into kiss attacks and Penelope (the oldest) crawling up onto her dad's shoulders. ⁠

"The best part is that it was one of those little moments you know has happened hundreds of times in their life together and will probably happen hundreds of times more. I feel so honored I was able to capture a little piece of their everyday life in a beautiful way, because isn't it things like this that we so desperately all want to freeze in time to remember forever?" — Kelsey Sjostrom of Feather and Twine⁣⁠

Feather and Twine / Portra400 / Contax645 / Austin, Texas