All About File Size

File Size is Related to Resolution

Today we’re checking out Resolution’s cute cousin—File Size. How are they related? Well, the more pixels you have, the more resolution you have. And the more resolution you have, the more uncompressed file size you have—period.

But while these two cousins love hanging out together, they are not the same. File size does not imply resolution, and resolution does not imply file size.

What gives? One word: compression!

We deliver scans in JPEG file format.

JPEGs are efficient little buggers that allow you to store a full-size image in a relatively small amount of memory space. But does this compression affect the quality of your image? Yes, but no. Our JPEGs are saved at a very high-quality level and do not use subsampling, which can produce artifacts like color fringing or color bleeding that your eyes will interpret as a lower-quality image.⁠ Blech!

Why don’t we offer scans as TIFF files?

Because they hog costly space. While there is nothing wrong with these uncompressed file types, TIFFs will eat up your hard drives or cloud storage faster than JPEGs, and when it comes to images, space is at a premium. Our non-subsampled JPEGs offer the same beautiful image quality as a TIFF and save you money on file storage!⁠

Wanna dive deeper?

If you need to nerd out over lunch, we think Computerphile does an excellent job explaining how JPEG compression works!

⁠📷 by May Carlson.